Numerous excavations and museums grant inspiring views into the classical, early Christian and byzantish period. Apart from the most important excavation place, the Asklipion there are many other excavations, which are to be found in Kos.
Hippokrates of Kós (* around 460 v. Chr. on the Greek island Kos; + around 375 v. Chr. in Larissa, Thessalien) was a most famous physician of the antiquity. He is considered the founder of medicine as science. Hippokrates demanded physical and mental hygiene, personal integrity, caution, empathie and analytic thinking of the physician. The hippokratic teachings, a physician have themselves on careful observation to support and its diagnosis and therapy systematically to compile questioning and investigation, seem quite up-to-date.
Kos has approx. 27,000 inhabitants.

The island capital Kos counts about 16,000 inhabitants and is the northeast end of the island directly before the Turkish south coast.

Tigaki is to about 10 km from Kos , on the northwest side of the island and is connected by regular buses to the capital and other places. The distance to the airport is about about 15 km
The island measures approx.. 55 km in the length. The broadest place measures approx.. 12, the narrowest approx.. 1.5 km. Kos and Kefalos are connected by a main road, that passes the other villages of Zipari, Pyli and Antimachia. Kardamena is situated on the southeast coast. On the north coastthe popular tourist villages of Tigaki, Marmari, and Mastichari are easily accessible by side streets.

The aegean islands are a geologically relatively recent formation. Therefore they exhibit quite rough landscape, beautiful mountain regions with delightful mountain villages, for example Zia. From Zia risesthe Dikeos mountain. From the 850m peak you have a breathtaking view of the neighbouring islands in clear weather.
One should not miss the neighbouring islands of Kos. Boat trips ships, set sail to the islands Pserimos, Plati and Kalymnos bordering directly northwest. In addition, the volcanic island Nissiros, Symi, Rhodos, and the islands Leros, Lipsi and Patmos. Patmos is the Holy island, on whitch the cave of St.John the Baptist is found. However: A one-week vacation is not sufficient for the whole program.
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