Asklipion, the most famous healingplace of the classic Greek ancient, excavated by the German archaeologist Herzog.
The ancient agora of the city of Kos. A place for official meetings and market-place, also with excavations of the Byzantinic time.
Hippokrates tree in Kos near the Johanniter-Castle at the Harbour.
Johaniter-Castle Neratzia at the Harbour of Kos.
Johanniter-Castle Antimachia, one of the largest Crusader-Castle in the Dodekanes-region.
Odeon - classic theater- in Kos-City.
The bay of Kefalos ranks among the most beautiful bays of Greece at all. Down beside the beach is the excavation of a Byzantine double-Basilika , named Agios Stephanos.
Old canvas-cover-cash windmill.
Taverna in the mountain village of Zia, where also the 850 m high mountain Dikeos can be climbed.
The thermal spring. A very effective source of welbeing, the 60°C hot sulfur water, is good for Arthritis, aches and different kinds of pains. A sign informs also in English language about the properties of the spring.
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